SproutCare Solutions for your Center

Reduce Chaos! When a team member calls off from their shift or when a short-term leave of absence is planned, this disrupts the entire operations of your child care center. Oftentimes, management must step in and fill the void. This means they can’t concentrate on completing the goals you set for them and your center.

Grow Enrollment! Centers are turning away enrollment because of the inability to find qualified teachers. This means centers aren’t able to operate at capacity which equals lost income.

Quality Classrooms! Qualified substitute teachers serve a very important role in your classrooms. As teachers strive to enrich the lives of their students, they depend on these highly qualified substitute teachers to keep good instruction flowing during their absence. Just because a teacher is on vacation shouldn’t mean their students lesson plans and daily structure should be set off course.


Sproutcare Solutions

At SproutCare, we have a thorough recruitment and placement process for matching high quality substitute teachers with Centers in need of staffing. Our solution is focused on making the hiring process for centers easier along with the intent of eliminating the panic button during staff shortages. We handle the hiring and training process for every staff member, making sure they get all the training that is required by the State of Ohio. We even provide hands on in class training for our substitute teachers. Because our substitutes come to your center trained, this eliminates the need of your teachers spending time training. Our expertise in this area alone can eliminate weeks of training otherwise provided by your center and staff.

Our recruiters at SproutCare Solutions take pride in interviewing substitute candidates in accordance with state rules and regulations. No candidate can work for SproutCare Solutions unless they meet all the requirements of the state and what we have put in place. Once approved, SproutCare Solutions will load the substitute into our database for placement. All educators that are hired by SproutCare Solutions have extensive training.  We continue training our staff throughout each year they are hired with us!

Our staff at SproutCare Solutions is dedicated to go the distance to make sure you get the educators you need, when you need them.

Why partner?
  • Reduced anxiety from late night or early morning staff call offs
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Avoid management time in classroom
  • Stay in compliance with staff to student ratios
  • It’s your insurance policy with NO Premiums!
  • No obligation * No hidden fees * Free to join
  • Spend less with a temporary substitute teacher
  • Never turn away enrollment again!
  • Reduced Costs! SproutCare covers employees’ worker’s comp, taxes, and insurance while they’re our employee!
The Match

We are proud to be serving child care centers and preschool programs around the Central Ohio Area. SproutCare Solutions offers immediate placement for the following positions:

Lead Teachers
Assistant Teachers